Sitemap - 2023 - Bacalhau

Instrumenting WebAssembly: Enhanced Telemetry with Dylibso Observe SDK

Introducing Seamless S3 Downloads with Bacalhau

Multi-GPU Jobs with AMD and Intel GPU Support

Streamlined Node Bootstrap

Simplify Your Workflows with Bacalhau Job Templates

Announcing Bacalhau 1.2

Efficient Historic Log Analysis with Bacalhau Batch Jobs

U.S. Navy Chooses Bacalhau to Manage Predictive Maintenance Workloads

Tutorial: Save 99% (Yes, 99%) Yearly by Managing Logs the AWS Way

Expanso Lands $7.5M Seed Investment Led by General Catalyst and Hetz Ventures to Revolutionize Distributed Data Processing

Save $2.5M Per Year by Managing Logs the AWS Way

Why Distributed Computing Isn't Ubiquitous ... Yet

Tutorial: Building a Distributed Data Warehousing Without a Data Lake

Distributed Warehousing Made Easy With Bacalhau

How To Solve Edge Container Orchestration - An Introduction Into Bacalhau Architecture

Create Your First Bacalhau Job

GPU Support for Docker Nodes in Bacalhau v1.1

Power Your Flyte Machine Learning Workflows With Bacalhau v1.1

Introducing New Job Types - New Horizons with Bacalhau 1.1.

Improved Queuing For Jobs

Distributed Compute Platform Bacalhau Launches Next Release 1.1

ETH Global Paris 2023: Developing CLI Tooling to Run Compute over Data on Geospatial Data Operations

Compute over Data Showcased at Paris Hackathons with Bacalhau

Unleash the Power of GPUs for Docker with Bacalhau

Private Clusters and Securing Your Bacalhau Environment

Q2 2023 In Review: A Quarter of Unprecedented Innovation and Collaboration at Bacalhau

Reading and Writing from Any S3-Compatible Data Store with Bacalhau

Streamline Data Projects with Bacalhau Python SDK

Bacalhau Projects and Integrations: Lilypad,, Amplify, and Bacalhau Apache

Distributed Queries with SQLite & Bacalhau Project

Bacalhau Updates - June 2023

Unified Data Log Insights: Leveraging Bacalhau and Motherduck for Advanced File Querying Across Distributed Networks

Truly Global Compute: Using Bacalhau to Execute Distributed DuckDB Queries Across Many Zones

Expanso and Motherduck Join Forces To Deliver Distributed Data Analytics

Bacalhau 1.0: Unlocking The Potential of Private Data

Bacalhau Updates - May 2023

🔊 Bacalhau Amplify V1

Bacalhau 1.0 Release: Featuring Private Clusters, Octostore, and Federated Learning

Bacalhau Updates - April 2023 Launches to Make AI Art More Accessible and Equitable

Bacalhau Project Report – April 24, 2023

Bacalhau Pipelines with Apache Airflow

Building a distributed world of WebAssembly

CoD Summit^3: Igniting the Future of Compute Over Data in Boston

Bacalhau Project Report – March 23, 2023

Bacalhau Updates - March 2023

Introducing Bacalhau Amplify: A Simple Way to Augment Data Processing Jobs

Filecoin Green REC & Bacalhau Partnership

Bacalhau Project Report – March 14, 2023

Bacalhau Project Report – March 6, 2023

Bacalhau Project Report – Feb 27, 2023

Bacalhau Updates - February 2023

Bacalhau Project Report - Feb 10, 2023

Bacalhau Project Report – Feb 19, 2023

Bacalhau Project Report - Feb 3, 2023

Bacalhau Updates - January 2023

Bacalhau Project Report - Jan 25, 2023

Bacalhau Project Report - Jan 13, 2023